Monday, March 10, 2008

Fast Food Milan Style

Hb bought these frozen clam pasta sauce from Milan and we had it for dinner today. Of course, not contented to just heat and eat. I added 2 large. ripe chopped tomatoes, onions and more spagetti sauce to up the flavour.

It tasted good although it was a frozen product. Europe's frozen food beats ours hands-down.

And I really missed these Black-lipped mussels! They are simply yummy! When I am making seafood pasta at home and I can't get these cold-waters ones, I make do with the Green mussels. Not my first choice cos G
reen mussels taste much better cooked with stronger flavours like spicy Thai tangy toppings or even sambal chilli.

These black lippies are great stewed with white wine and onions. Am hungry already just thinking about this!



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