Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sweet Dreams

Since January this year, I've been training Kimi to sleep on his own. I think he is ready cos sometimes it takes so long to pat him to sleep and the moment I put him in his cot, he would toss & turn and 'eee-ee'-'ahh ahh' and then fall asleep.

So, I thought it was time that he may want to sleep on his own. Of course, it takes much longer as he has to calm himself down before sleeping. But, so far so good and he is able to put himself to sleep.

But, the daytime which he takes the longest to fall asleep also results in some of the most precarious or cute positions. Most times, he is at the foot of the cot and never on his pillow. Other times, he sleeps with his butt in the air (yet, to snap a pix!) or horizontally in the cot.

Nevertheless, I love looking at him sleeping, he looks so blissful especially with his thumb in his mouth!



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