Monday, March 10, 2008

Funky, Cool Kimi

I absolutely adore Kimi's hair when he just wakes up cos sometimes it can get into some really cool styles. But because Kimi's hair is so fine and soft, it falls into shape in a jiffy. He hardly has any bad hair days.

You can ruffle, mould, shape or play with it any which way you like. And all you need is a rub and smoothen down and it goes as neat as before.

That's why, now that his hair is longer, i love to ruffle and make it messy!

How did his hair become like that jus after a nap? Beats me!

Never mind Mummy, I will brush my hair to make it sleek & nice

Hmm, must not forget the back too ...

There! Don't you think I did a good job, Mummy? Handsome & neat! Yay!



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