Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bento #55 - Happy Lemon Brekkie

Happy Lemon shaped sandwiches filled with peanut butter & jam, cheese and ham details, golden kiwi, blueberries & sugar prune

Yesterday we went to ION and passed by this bubble tea shop and immediately Kimi asked for it. I heard some raves about it and can't wait to try it too. :)

I thought the little girl looked so cute and decided to recreate it this morning for Kimi breakfast.  Pity, I couldn't find anything red in my house (ran out of apples) that I could use for the eyes and mouth. So, I settled on using the ham... really looked washed out.

A little disappointed but Kimi enjoyed this PBJ sandwich, I'm so happy!! Hopefully he will start to enjoy bread from now.  Keep on praying. :)


Angeleyes said...

Great news!
Bread is so versatile... especially with the help of cutters!
Easy job too! hehehehe

tona-mama said...

Angeleyes - Yes, agreed!! :)


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