Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bento #57 - Domo Kun

Japanese Curry on the left, Domo Kun crispy fish fillets with watermelon mouth, cheese and nori details, white rice under Domo Kun, broccoli, corn and edamame skewers

We had a simple dinner of home-made crispy fish fillet and Japanese Curry.  I chose Domo Kun as it is the simplest to cut the fish fillet out.

Unfortunately, I made the mouth and eyes before frying and just guess-timated.  I feel it is a little undersized so my poor Domo Kun looks a bit off.

But Kimi loved it and finished his dinner very quickly. :) We love Japanese Curry!


susan said...

The domo kun are so cute!!! :)

Sonoma Bento said...

I love Domo Kun! I picked up a little Domo Kun coin purse in San Francisco Japantown this past weekend on a shopping spree. I have to try a Domo in my next bento. :-)

Angeleyes said...

Domo Kun looked perfect to me!
Home-made fish fillets??? Share recipes!!!!

Lia Chen said...

So cute! Fish fillet and Japanese curry sound yummy. I'm sure Kimi will finish them all ... All clean :) Wish you a happy weekend with your family!

tona-mama said...

Susan - Tks again! Somehow, I feel it's out of proportion?

Sonoma Bento - Wow!! It mus be really sweet!! I saw a bag too... so tempted to buy. Can't wait to see your Domo Kun Bento! ;)

Angeleyes - You are so sweet! Tks for your support! Recipe very simple. I bought some creamy snapper fillet.

Marinate with some ginger juice, dash of pepper and salt.

Dust with plain flour, dip in egg & dip in panko/breakcrumbs, cracker crumbs. Panfry on medium small fire. That's it! :)

Lia - Tks Lia, Kimi loves fried and crispy food. Sometimes I put them in the oven instead. When I serve food like these - pork chop, etc. He wipes them clean! Happy mummy, happy boy! :)

Angeleyes said...

pan fry on non stick pan with little oil can????? I don't do deep frying coz I lazy to mop the floor!!!

tona-mama said...

Angeleyes - Can, I oso use non-stick pan. But oil mus cover at least half the height of the fish fillet. And do not use high fire or burn easily. Medium low fire is good. Mus control the fire/heat. :)

Some people put in oven to bake too but Kimi doesn't like it that way. However, for store bought nuggets, etc, I will bake in oven.

I know, I oso hate to mop the floor after frying...have to mop like 4-5 times before it is clean n nice hor?

I like using Amway's LOC or Meleucca's for cleaning the floor. :)

How about you?

JJ Mummy said...

oh.. this is so cute!

Angeleyes said...

Ah... ok. Thanks for your tips!

FYI, I don't mop floor coz that's my hubby's dept! hehehehehe That was why I try not to dirty it so I don't have to mop. Can see how lazy I am!
If I wanted to do frying, I normally do it near weekend as that is when my hubby do the mopping!

We tried all sort of floor cleaner and now my hubby said the most effective is dish washing liquid coz it can clean all the grease!

tona-mama said...

My Little Kids - Tks!!

Angeleyes - Wah! U r so blessed! Haha! That's good too but I find it such a hassle to really clean off all the soap suds even when I add a little... guess I very fussy lah..? :(


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