Friday, July 23, 2010

Racial Harmony Week

This week Kimi's kindy celebrated Racial Harmony Week and the kids had foods from the 4 major ethnic groups in Singapore on each day.  They started their 'food feast' on Tuesday with Vegetarian Bee Hoon for Chinese, bringing in their own chopsticks and utensils.  I was nicely surprised when Huang Laoshi told me that Kimi finished his portion including the fishballs.  Kimi do not like to eat fishballs at all!

Then on Wednesday, they tore at Roti Prata with their stubby fingers and Kimi relished in 3 servings of non-spicy Mee Goreng on Thursday.  I think the kids loved today most - it was nuggets, fries and baked beans!  They even had cake as 1 of their classmate had a birthday celebration today.

Eveyday this week, the kids would learn about the different ethnic groups.  It ended with the kids wearing their favourite ethnic costume today.  Kimi told me when I picked him up, that his teacher said he looked very nice today! Haha!!
Kimi posing with Harry before leaving for school
It would be really nice if we could get a Finnish or Norwegian costume when he is a little older. :)  Anyway, I think Kimi had lots of fun this week and although he struggled to go to school on Monday and Tuesday, it eased a little from Wednesday.  Kimi's separation anxiety is getting better! All Praises to Jesus!
Kimi wanted to display his kung-fu prowess just as we were leaving. I think he felt 'empowered' as he don the kung-fu suit! Lol!


Angeleyes said...

I think schools here should do something like this too.

Kimi is so cute with his kung-fu post!

tona-mama said...

Angeleyes- Do u hv racial harmony day too there?

Aiyo, v headache! Its all about kung-fu, guns and all! How abt Darrius?


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