Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fishing, Puzzles & Tantrums

When Kimi wakes from his nap, we try to do some fun activities together if there is no afternoon outing. I normally let him play with his toys first then do a flash card session followed by art & craft, puzzles, ball games, reading, etc.

Nowadays, he demands my full attention on him during these activities and will throw tantrums if I stray a little even for a jiffy to chat with my friends. And I also have to plan quite a few activities cos his attention is about 10-15 mins for each game. Aiya, can't complain lor cos I also can't sit still and can get bored very quickly. Kimi takes after me I guess ...

Bought this Fishing Puzzle from BP and it was delivered yesterday. Opened it for him to play today and he loves it! Kimi trying his hand at fishing!
Great job! Caught a fish and ready to let it go!
Trying to put the seal back to its slot
Kimi pointing out to the turtle when I asked him where it was
Happy Boy!
Let him try out an animal puzzle which I got free from Drypers. Think he can't handle a 6pc puzzle just as yet. I only let him try out on Monday. If anyone knows where I can get those 2 pc puzzle that matches like fish to aquarium, etc. Pls let me know ok cos I want to get for Kimi. Have been looking around but can't find any. Tks!



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