Friday, August 01, 2008

Of Textures & Clouds

Finally, Kimi is more open to chewing and taking more textured foods. I was almost going crazy when the last few months he simply refused anything that felt more than puree! He was just too lazy to gum it. More often, he would scream when he felt any texture and took the invading food out from his mouth and threw it.

Today, hb cut up his fruits, papaya & watermelon without 'forking' it (mashing it). And as usual, his first mouthful, he felt the texture and wanted to throw a fit then I think he realised he could actually use his newly erupted molars to chew. So he tried and although our fruit bowl took eons to finish, he FINISHED IT, textures and all!!!

I tell you, I am so very happy today - on Cloud Nine! So happy that my perserverance is seeing some result. Cheer me on buddies!



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