Thursday, August 21, 2008

Water Play

Today's theme for the afternoon is water. I bought this cute capsule that will slowly expand as it soaks up water to 'reveal' a creature. I also got this special bottle connector that shows the spiralling of water. I added some glitter to make the water more interesting.

Kimi really enjoyed our water play today, touching cool, warm and hot water. Seeing and feeling how sponges absorb water and how water fills from 1 bottle to another.

Yesterday when we went for our walk, he dropped his horse figurine so I bought a new set for him. Did not manage to capture his esctactic face as he rushed to the figures which I had laid out earlier on the table after he got up from his nap. This is the fastest I could capture! Keke!

p/s : By the way if you are wondering why Kimi is wearing the same romper, he has 2 of the same kind!
See how happy Kimi is when he saw the farm animals all waiting for him!
In the end, he still took the horse and cow, again!

The animal sponges which was 'borned' from a capsule. Kimi is fascinated.
Touch and feeling the wet sponge. The whole table was wet after this activity.
Kimi picking up the dinosaur for me when I prompted him to
Amazed by the swirling, twirling water!
Shaking it to see the whirling of water and glitter
Kimi in full concentration
When all the water has twirled into the other bottle, Kimi said, "Uh-oh". Then he shaked & turned the bottle to restart the process!
Found this 2pc wooden puzzle but feel the grooves are quite difficult to fit, maybe cos it's still new. Kimi trying to fit the matching puzzle
Pondering very hard which the worm should go with ...
Finally, found his answer - the chicken!


Why Not said...

Hi! I chanced upon your blog and really enjoy reading all the wonderful things you do with little Kimi! What a lucky boy he is to have a dedicated mom like you! By the way, what is the school that Kimi is going to now? I am sourcing for one for my 17m old... do you like it so far? Thanks!! (

tona-mama said...

Hi Jayne!

Tks for visiting our blog! Tks for your kind words and encouragement! I try my best, I believe all moms are just as dedicated too! Btw, I've dropped you a mail! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am interested to get the cute animal capsule and the special bottle connector. I think my kid will love it too. Thanks.


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