Monday, August 25, 2008

Lazy Penguins

Not the penguins but me ... today. Not sure it's the nice, cool weather or what but I was soooo tired today. I badly needed a nap. I normally don't nap unless I'm sick or like today, just tired. During days like these, you can be sure that I have lots to do and a hubby that is out of town.

And to boot, Kimi slept only 1+ hours. So how? I opened a new toy for him - the climbing penguin and told him to please let mummy take a quick nap and he to play with the toy on his own.

Kimi was good and 'entertained' himself for a good 30mins but everytime I fall asleep, he will rush over to 'wake' me with a loud squeal. However, those few power naps were good enough to get me through till the rest of the day.

I felt so guilty for being so lazy today but well, at least we did our flash cards! *wink*



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