Thursday, August 28, 2008

Teacher's Day Part 2 ( Craft Card)

I decided to let Kimi complete his Teacher's Day card for his PG (Playgroup) teachers after he wakes in the morning as we had a busy day yesterday.

So far, he is doing well. But think I may need to get those glue that are liquid kind instead of the present stick kind. Feel the liquid kind is easier for his stubby little fingers, keke!

I still remember when I was small, I used to have those that were in a pot and I needed to 'paint' them. Haven't see those around in a while.

After Kimi's nap, we did another Teacher's Day card for his favourite teacher at SM. I assembled most of the embellishments and Kimi helped me to stick it on. I got the idea for the card from here:

I just liked the freshness of the card. I hand cut all the flowers and leaves and used nail stickers for the tiny daisies. Looks complicated but actually it is very easy, just layer, layer, layer.

And, Kimi said 'flower', repeating after me when I was telling him about the card. He did say 'flower' a few months back but refused to say anymore. I wonder why he can be such a 'one-time-word-wonder'. Anyone have the same experience with your kids before?
Up bright & early and all ready for craft! Kimi applying glue on the 'wings' of the ladybug
Sticking on butterflies stickers to decorate the card
Kimi flashing his half-finished card
The completed card for Teacher Mohana
The 2nd completed card for Teacher Stella
Kimi starting work on Teacher Claudia's card. Busy lil' hands!
Putting on the finishing touch
My shy lil' helper showing his card for Teacher Claudia
The completed project 1
The completed project 2


Why Not said...

The cards look so pretty! Wow! Kimi actually had the patience to sit through the whole card-making session.. what a focused boy! I'm not sure if Jamie can do that! I'll try it on him some day.. hehe..

tona-mama said...

Jayne, tk u! I got the idea from a website. No lah, i assembled all the flowers and then he paste down. Kimi oso like to run around. SOmetimes do a bit, run then I asked him to come back..Don give up, today if can sit 2 mins, then next week 2.5min, then 3 then 5mins... Give Jamies some time..Kimi oso slowly gets beta too. SOme days v good, some days can only sit 1 sec! haha! They are still babies la..m proud he can even sit now as my mil used to say, Kimi has a 'pointed' backside, can't sit at all! lol!


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