Sunday, August 03, 2008


Finally Kimi said "Ma-ma" and it was after I prompted him again today!

I've been prompting him for ages and all he says is "Pa-Pa" or recently, "Pa-Ma". Can faint right? The other first time I heard him uttering ma-ma was his first swim lesson where he had to crawl thru the tunnel and he was crying and mumbering "ma-ma, ma-ma". To me, he was just crying so I don't really count it as calling ma-ma. Well, maybe? Don't know!

Anyhow, it's the sweetest sound. But I do hear my sis complaining how she finds it 'noisy' and a nuisance when the kids keeping screaming for 'mummy this' and 'mummy that'. Well, perhaps I'll blog again a few years down the road regarding this! Haha!

Not sure if this is a 1-time thingey as you know with babies, espcially Kimi who would say 1 word and never again!

But for now, it's the sweetest sound, noise whatever you want to call it and it's something I'd loved to hear ALL the time!!!

Post Update (4/8/08) - The next day, I prompted Kimi again and he is back to "pa-pa" or "pa-ma"! EXASPERATION!!



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