Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Long & Short of Vegetables & Shapes

I had a horrendous migraine today, one that had not been so bad in a while. It started when Kimi woke me at 4.35 this morning. Yes, he woke early today. It was like you can feel the pain before waking. And when I woke, I knew it was going to be a bad headache, one that would not go away with 2 normal panadol.

Although I kept telling Kimi to go back to sleep, he didn't. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and went to grab 2 extra strong panadol at 6.20am. Eventually, Kimi went back to sleep at 7.05am. I was at that point very nauseous and giddy. So went out and made a sandwich. Rested till 7.30am, still not better. Decided, I can't waste more time as I had loads to do and can't be behind schedule.

By 9am, the pain was still there. I gulp down another panadol despite not having reached the 4 hour interval - I didn't care! It was terrible and I need to get on with my morning. Long story short, the pain subsided only now as I am typing this post at 10.30pm.

I thought I could not do anything with Kimi again but I knew I had to as we had quite a lazy day yesterday and Kimi is always raring to go after his nap. Since, the pain was not as bad as before lunch, we did accomplish quite a bit.

Today our theme was to learn about vegetables, its shapes and what is long/short. It came about cos I had a leftover corn and a empty kitchen roll. We had lots of fun today!

After our song & dance when Kimi woke, I sat him down to do this puzzle which is so cute and so cheap! I bought it from Daiso at only S$2. He can easily sort all the rounds but can sometimes get quite impatient with the clothes.
Kimi, so happy when he can put in most of the shapes especially the clothes!
Then we did painting with the corn, stamping with a section of the corn first ....
followed by more stamping ...
and rolling ...
Then, it all got so dirty. Even with paint all over his face, Kimi still continued with stamping
Remember the sponge Dinosaurs from the magic capsules? We recycled them today with sponge stamping.
Stamp, stamp, stamp!
My little artist holding up his artwork. He is well hidden behind.. notice his cute lil' fingers?
Then we had pretend play where Kimi helped me to 'cook' some vegetable soup. Frankly, I think the real thing relates better cos after playing with the real sweet corn, Kimi could easily pick out the toy corn when I asked him. The rest needed a little more time.
Chef at work, stirring our yummy, hearty vegetable soup! As well as learning about round and long shapes from asparagus to red pepper.
This is such a clever idea! Cut a straw into different lengths and let your toddler string/thread them! I got this idea from Jayne. How creative and so simple and fast to do too! Maybe the shoelace I used was too boring in colour so instead of threading the cut-up straw parts ...
Kimi threw them into the empty kitchen roll. Oh, well... next time? But hey, he still learnt about spatial and the comparison of sizes. Exploration is important! It's ok if your kid don't like it this time, try in another month and it may just be his/her favourite game. Happens to Kimi all the time!
When Kimi was done with that, I made the tube into an elephant trunk cos today he learnt the letter 'E' in school and coloured his favourite animal, the Elephant. So, I became mama-elephant and Kimi, baby elephant and we took turns to don the trunk and walk on fours. It was FUN! Kimi also learnt that a baby elephant was called a calf. Not sure if it registered but I just imput & input.
This 'trunk' is very simple to do - just punch 2 holes on opposite side of the roll and thread with rubber bands. Kimi calls elephant, 'fern'.



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