Friday, February 06, 2009

Bento #11 - Fish & Car

Fish fingers, edamame beans on picks, steamed sweetcorn, tomato sauce in Tomica holder

These days, it is hard to get Kimi to drink his milk as a replacement for his meal. Fridays are rush days for us cos when class ends at 11.45am, I would not only need to give Kimi lunch but also be home BY 12.30pm for his nap. Else, if he has a powernap in the car, he will be up all afternoon!

Of cos, if hb is in town, it is easier, I can feed him while hb drives us home. During days like these, I have to make finger-food that he can feed himself yet not 'pollute' the car. Can you imagine if Kimi decides to overturn his box of fried rice just to see how and where the food will land? Yes, Kimi likes and does things like that! I shudder to think of the scene.

It was such a breeze before to just shove him a bottle and 'race' home. But now, I need to prepare food and not even sandwiches or bread will do. He used to eat these well but now he doesn't want any of that unless it is made by Charmaine and fed by her! *Faint!* I made the exactly same thing but he didn't want at all.

So, here's Kimi's quickie lunch. This was served with some strawberries.

My Mood : Lousy still :(



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