Friday, February 27, 2009

Dinner with Planes

Our simple & yummy dinner - Fried Macaroni in tomato sauce with broccoli & crab stickMy cheeky monkey! That's the response I got when I asked him if he wanted a banana
Happy Boy - Kimi's after dinner dessert - 2 small bananas. He even asked for more but that's quite enough. Kimi is in the loving bananas stage now!
Kimi pointing to a plane taking off
A nice lady offered him this stool to sit and watch but well, he was going up & down instead of sitting on it.
Yes, we are back at the open fields for our dinner. Kimi loves it and so do I! We love picnics! Watching planes and eating dinner beats watching TV anytime!


Ellena said...

Oh mine...this is so heart warming... Yo.. Tona u shld have invited us along leh... we love picnic too leh... :)

p/s: Kimi is so cute at those shots.... :)

tona-mama said...

Ellena, yes, I agree... it's really nice! Sometimes, simple pleasures n things are the most wonderful. Our Lord created such beautiful nature, we should enjoy them! PTL!

Next time, join me k?


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