Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Bento #9 - Octopus Buddies

Octopus shaped sausages, Colouful Fish crackers, strawberries & edamame beans

Close-up of the buddies! I did not trim the 'skin' off the top of the right sausage cos I thought he looked so cute like have a little fringe!

Wanted to make an underwater world theme but I ONLY REALISED while packing the bento that I do not have any cutters (cookie) that is from the sea. So, reason to go buy some? Keke!

I learnt from Amy that such lettuce are great fillers and makes the bento looks much cuter! I have quite a bit of barans but I can't seem to 'know' the best way to use them. Instead I find this lettuce perfect.



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