Friday, February 13, 2009

Bento #16 - Salmon & Love Rice

Love-shaped flavoured rice cakes, edamame & salmon fish cakes

As Valentine's Day is round the corner, many bento-mummies have been making lovey things for their darlings. This is a quick throw-together lunch. The only effort was shaping the flavoured rice balls into cutesy heart shapes and lightly pan-frying it.

Those little fishes are supposed to be salmon. But it tasted just like fish cakes to me? I oso packed some fresh mango (not shown here) cubes.

After note - Kimi only ate the fishes, none of the rice & edamame and maybe 4 cubes of mango. Don't know what happened to him too.


charmaine kee said...

aiyo,i remembered my saliva drooling tat day while kimi rejected his food,such a lucky boy,mummy spent whole morning preparing lunch 4 him while i look at my son,only hav sandwich every fri...poor boy

tona-mama said...

char,no lah, usually only spend 20mins but tis bento took me 1 HOUR cos the little bugger kept bugging me! aiyo.. what to do, kimi not easy to feed or please lor... sigh :(


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