Monday, February 23, 2009

Bento #17 - Mickey Mouse

Chocolate cake cut out in Mickey Mouse shape with cheese cutie details, car-shaped cheery apples & banana

Hi, we are back! First bento after the trip and somehow I feel I've lost touch with packing his bento. But I know with the adrenalin from Disneyland and Mickey, this is what I need to pack for Kimi after such a long break from school. He's been saying he did not want to go to school .... So, I hope Mickey will cheer him a little! :)

But, I must say what an ugly Mickey Mouse I made! I should have given Mickey larger black eyes... Woke up late and was rushing. Must do another cuter one...

But Kimi chuckled happily and said 'Mickey' when I opened his brekkie at school. The rest of the kids were excited too. I packed it in his new Tomica lunch box.

Will update our trip and more bento tools later. I'll be too busy the next few days with laundry - I've got like 5 mountains to clear!!

Anyone wants to volunteer? :)


Ellena said...

WOw.. Tona.. Welcome back!!!! Wow.. Nice Mickey Mouse bento you have there and it's a clear idea that u use chocolate cake as the base hehe... and we have the same cutter hehehe.. i also made a Mickey Mouse bento for reyon hehe.. so do jump over and take a look when u are free hehehee....

p/s: and i am so excited to see your bento tools that u bought too.. :p

Angeleyes said...

That was a very good idea using choclate cake for mickey! Don't all Bento mamas love this Tomica box???? I use this box all the time too!

Mommy Mash said...

Nice Bento!!!

Tempting to do one for J..any good recommendation where to get cheap and varieties of the bento accessories?

by the way, for the apple and bananas, how do you keep them from turning brown?

tona-mama said...

Ellena, tks! Hey, saw yours liao, v nice lor!

Aiyo, my tools cant compare w yours lah... what i got is actually most of what u have... But the 2 most impt wheel cutter sets I cant get..:( So upset lor!

tona-mama said...

Angeleyes, tks!!

Yes, actually i bot 2 more new ones but been using this the last few days... Kimi likes and I oso like! :)

tona-mama said...

Mommy mash, tks!! :)

Do lah, start bento-ing with all us bento mummies so we can all share ideas! :)

Daiso is the best place to start with basic bento tools & accessories. I get alot of mine from there.

To keep apples from discolouration, I soak them briefly in salt water or orange juice. As all Kimi's bentos are eaten within 30mins to an hour, it's still ok.

When I finish packing the bento, I will put the bento box into an insulated bag (from Daiso) and put the whole bag in the fridge and take it when we leave the house.

Most times, the banana still ok. Or you can keep the skin on and remove when Jay wants to eat?

Mommy Mash said...

Tona Mama,

thanks for sharing..

J seems to get tired of his meals lately...coz it has been porridge most of the time...hmm..90% of the bad of me hor...

so now, i think i nid to be more hardworking and creative in preparing his meal...hahaha
that means u will find me asking u tons of qns!! hahaha

been trying to find a chance to go Daiso. but it's out of the way for me :(

thanks for sharing the tips!

Anonymous said...

welcome back!

just a thought. did u go to hong kong disneyland for ur getaway?

if yes, me too! Ah teng was also there! hahahhaha..


tona-mama said...

Mash, wow! u r so lucky!! Kimi only started eating porridge at 13 months and it only lasted 4-5 months where he totally refused till now. And when he was having porridge, it was even like every day/meal!

Good idea to start exploring lor.. seems u have a v good eater leh.. not fussy, easyt to feed! Keke!

Now he choosy most probably want to expand his taste buds lah.. indulge him! :)

tona-mama said...

Astro, tks!! came bk while oradi. Yes, we went to HKG Disney.. yet to upload the pix!

Din know u going leh.. we were there after the valentine's week. How abt u? :)


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