Monday, February 09, 2009

Bento #12 - Dinosaur

Mini butter croissant with ham cut in diamond shapes and put on the top to resemble Stegosaurus, flower ham with Dino nori cut-out*, gem biscuits & letter D and flower cut-out of Thai Jamu (Rose Apple)

My mood is really not too good, in fact it has gotten worse this morning when I woke. I felt so empty, just empty. After I prayed, I felt so much better. God is good all the time! :) I will share soon when my emotions are more stable.

I had just wanted to let Kimi eat brekkie at school but after praying, I felt better and decided to pack him one instead - a Stegosaurus bento. I know it hardly even looks like it ... never mind, I'm only an amateur, ha! In fact, I thought it looked rather like Eric Carle's Chameleon.. hmm? maybe next time that will be the theme?

Kimi was happy and he seemed to know it's a dinosaur so that's good. :) There's also Thai Ruby Jamu which he enjoys and so do I! (I don like the green ones so I never serve him that).

* I bumped into Ellena on Sat and bought some bento tools, will update in another post!


Ellena said...

Wow.. the dinosaur is so so so cute... you used the PAWs cutter?

tona-mama said...

Tks so much! :) No, I used the multi face cutter... u saw my dinosaur? I changed the footprint to tis cos Daiso oso got footprint at more than 1/2 the price! :)

Ellena said...

huh.. what Daiso oso got footprint at more than 1/2 the price? I don't get u......hehe...

tona-mama said...

Wat I meant was I returned Carla 'footprint' design punch cos Daiso oso got the footprint punch and only $2 mah.. compared to Carla.. it more than half the price.. :) Happy!


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