Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bento #18 - Whale

Petit Miam yogurt, organic blueberries*, colourful cheddar fish crackers & whale bread with ham & cheese cute details

At the entrance of Disneyland was this brass whale sculpture with Mickey surfing on top of its water spray. Kimi loves this sculpture very much and would screm, "whale, whale, whale!" whenever we approach or passby the entrance. (will share the pix later).

So, today's brekkie I hope to let Kimi reminisce those happy memories and his favourite whale friend!

* Been wanting to let Kimi try blueberries but can't find any organic ones as the regular ones were so sour like lemon. So happy I found these at Giant and yes, there were sweet! :)


shoppingmum said...

I like that whale! Such a good idea. :)

Ellena said...

Wow.. I love this Whale Bento.. so cute :p

tona-mama said...

Shoppingmum & Ellena, tks so much for your encouragements!! :)

Mommy Mash said...

didn't know that organic blueberries are sweet. i always get the non organic ones and J don't eat much...

didn't come across my mind that it's sour to him..haha

will definitely look out for the organic ones and try!!

tona-mama said...

Mash, hehe! Yes! they are v sour!!! I always try ALL the food before it goes into Kimi's mouth. So, I'm like those eunuchs of old...try before the emperor eats! haha!


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