Friday, February 27, 2009

Cow Shower

"Cow shower" that's what Kimi calls it and he LOVES it! I decided to get this cos Kimi has the habit of throwing the shower head when he is excited. So, after breaking one, I decided to get this plastic one today. And, it was sooooo cheap!! S$4.90!!

Everyday, Kimi will run in and check on his new friend and do the rounds of greetings - "Hi Cow, Bye Cow, See you Cow!" that we now have to shut the toilet door. Else, he may just decide to shower himself (happened before), more like playing water while fully clothed!


Ellena said...

Aiyo.. where u get this COW shower? so cute i want i want too...... :)

tona-mama said...

I got it from Toa Payoh Hub, but mine last piece le..


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