Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mr Chippy

See that?? Kimi's chipped tooth.

I was so upset with hubby cos Kimi was climbing on his back and he did not hold Kimi. Kimi fell and broke his tooth and cut his lips. Cried for 5 mins. Kimi is a brave boy (I really mean fearless!). Cos this episode DID not scare him at all. Next day, he was at his papa's back again! *faint!*

So heartpain right?? Imagine he has to live with this ugly tooth till it falls out probably when he goes to Primary school! Aiyo!


Anonymous said...


no chance of joining back or whatever???


tona-mama said...

Astro, no lah.. unless u do a crown which dentist would not do cos milk teeth.... no choice lor..lucky kimi is a boy!


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