Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bento #14 - Snail

Juicy, sweet peach cut in flower shapes, Greentea swiss roll for snail's body and cheese on bread for head/neck, mangosteen

I wonder what happened to my cam this morn... look at the pix, it's so blur altho it's on macro! :(


Ellena said...

Yo.. tona-mama, your snail is very cute u managed to cut the nori for the snail ear? U use which puncher huh? so lovely!!!

tona-mama said...

Yo sister! Tks! U always so kind with your words and so encouraging!

I used the multi face puncher. Actually what I did was use the smile line, cut a little shorter and put 1 round eye on top.

Hey, I need to talk to you abt the Carl punchers.. exciting!! Sms me when u free k??

angeleyes said...


Saw your link in my log so pop by to have a peep... Really like reading your blog especially those first few posts you've posted... so nice to start off on the discovery of your pregnancy!

Anyway, I am also a bento freak (more like a bento gadgets freak) and pack for my 3 years old boy. I even get a dedicated blog just for bento!

Do pop by when you're free to give some comments yah! :)


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