Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cutting of 13th Tooth

This came as a surprise as I thought Kimi's lower canine will cut before his pre-molar. Well, this shows that we can never tell. Yes, the lower canine is hard and sharp but yet to cut the gums.

Wonder why Kimi's lateral incisors and canine tend to 'drag' the gums and cut only when the tooth is almost like half so once it is cut, the tooth is quite long oradi. Not sure you know what I mean...

The other thing I noticed was Kimi started to have like cold/flu symptoms everytime he cuts a molar, any moms or dads have this experience as well? I know many have fevers but Kimi will have a 'blocked' kind of nose. Pls share your experience in my chat box or comments box here. Thanks!!



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