Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kimi's Playgroup Update

It's been 6 weeks since Kimi started PG. Wow! how time really flies! I wouldn't say it's a fab place but it's a good respite for us both and he can socialise and learn some independency. Now, Kimi can put back his shoes and take them out when he knows we are going out. He learnt this at school. Of course, am sure he could learn that at home too but sometimes, I feel we do too much for them that they become dependent.

Kimi is also more helpful now. Helping to pick up his toys after playing. He could do this when he was smaller but he does it with more enthusiasm now! I also like it that he can listen to instructions better now, helping me take this, take that.

Remember I was telling you that separation anxiety was reserved for me? Well, surprise, surprise! On his 3rd day at school (alone), he started crying and clinging onto me! And when I could finally walk out of the door, he would either continued crying or settle within the next 15 mins. And when I picked him up, the minute he saw me, he would burst out crying. As if crying in protest why I left him there.

And then there were those daily accidents. A knock here, a bump there and falls everywhere. I was getting frustrated and wanted to withdraw during his 2nd week. But, hb told me to hold it a little longer.

Given Kimi's energy level, he simply couldn't sit for a second, much less sit down for story-time and/or participate in singing, etc. Most lessons, he ran around and the teachers let him. They simply just ignored him and let him 'free-play'. This was the other reason that I wanted to take him out.

Slowly, the 'accidents' reduced and Kimi could even sit for story-telling. Even if it was for 5 mins, it was an achievement to be celebrated! I was so happy and proud of him! And when I picked him from school, he no longer burst in tears when he saw me, he ran towards him albeit impatiently.

However, after each weekend, he would cling on for a good 15 mins before I could leave the room. Yesterday, was the first (after a long weekend to boot) time, he did not cling on and went to play. I quickly made my way out.

Today is a milestone. He said 'bye' to me and went to play. When I went to pick him, I peeped in and saw he was participating happily in the sing-along session and even hug his classmates during the 'Good-Bye' song. It's really a far cry even from last week!

I'm waiting for the day he will wave and say 'bye' with a smile. My little baby has grown so much in just 6 weeks!



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