Monday, March 02, 2009

Bento #20 - Cow

Steamed cake from Breadtalk (very yummy esp the green tea ones!) with cow cute details cut out from ham, cheese and seaweed, flower-shaped papaya, blueberries and mangosteen (see how fast it oxidised? I did not keep it cold enough.)

Since Kimi is so in love with cows now. That's the theme for today's brekkie. Yes, it is steamed cake again cos that's all Kimi wants to eat these days - cake, cake & cake! *faint!*

Well, as long as he eats rather than not touch at all ya? :)


Cuisine Paradise said...

Wow..your moo moo cow is so cute leh.. i like the features... so nicely done... :) Em.. and you did managed to find that flower cutter which i used for the kiwi tree...hehehe..... :)

Mommy Mash said...

the moo moo cow so cute!!

J started to 'reject' my milk after his nap lately.. he will request for 'moo moo cow' aka Smoo milk instead.

duno to be happy or sad coz i was thinking of weaning him off from my milk. but when he 'rejects' me, i starting to feel sad :(

anyway, can i ask u few qns on this cute bento? keke

for the ham, is it those slice ham from the chiller? if so, do u serve Kimi straight from the chiller or u use hot water to scald it first?

what sort of seaweed and where to get har?

tona-mama said...

Ellena, tks!

Yes, it's buried somewhere! haha! Got to dig out my old cookie cutter box! I had soooo many cutters then!

tona-mama said...


I find that those picnic/shoulder ham works best for cutting shapes and the colour is nicer as compared to those honey baked kind. In fact, when want to make flower ham, it's best with such ham. I tried with honey baked, breakfast, etc, it all flaked rather easily and din hold the shape well.

I serve from the chiller, I do not re-heat. Seaweed I get from Daiso - those for handroll.

I think for those mums who have been bf-ing for such a long time do feel sad - for one, u want to wean him but then u know it's you who do not want to be weaned rather than the child himself.

Dont brood over it too much. You've given J the best of his 2 years. He's getting bigger and knows what he wants and getting more assertive. Mummy's milk will always be special to him but he, too wants to explore new taste. Cheer up :)


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