Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Alive Gallery @ Downtown East!

This whole week Kimi is at home cos Monday is a public holiday while Tuesday is a school holiday for National Day Celebration.  And due to some landlord takeover issues at his school premise, the school is closed for the next 3 days till it reopens on Monday.

Hence, decided to bring Kimi to have a look at the Alive Gallery which seemed rather interesting.  We had initially planned to have a playdate cum baking/bento session at Serene's place but I thought it was cancelled.

Nevertheless, Estelle joined us and the kids had a great time.  Well, not so much that they appreciated the art pieces except for the interactive Mona Lisa, they enjoyed running around together! Haha! 

However, Kimi did remember Mona Lisa and The Last Supper and was telling hb about Mona Lisa.  We also spoke briefly on our way home about the significance of the Holy Communion. :)
Taking a quick pix with Kylie
Then with Estelle
We are not supposed to eat inside but the kids took a quick snack ... sharing their fries and chicken tenders together

After lunch, we headed to Polliwogs instead as the charges were exhorbitant at Xplorer Kids! The kids had the most fun here!! As we made our way back, Kimi kept telling me he had good fun today. :)
Their favourite pit stop!
Goodness! They must have jumped at least a 100 times here!  Look how Kimi grabs Estelle's hands and jumped!  Eveytime they jumped, my heart jumped twice.



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