Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Writing Kimi

Big trunk and 4 skinny legs of an elephant!! Haha!  I scribbled a mahout(elephant keeper) on the elephant's back when Kimi asked me to.

I happened to look back at my pix folder and found this piece which Kimi drew and wrote his name while waiting for me.  We were at Jelic as I was keen to enrol Kimi in their class.  So, he drew an elephant and scribbled his name on the body.  Not sure if u can make it out as his 'm' is not complete.  But it is a great effort already, Well done! :)

Kimi started on his Jelic class with Enbi today. :)  While Enbi is totally focused, my little one came out for a hug, kiss, etc, etc after each task.  Pray that Kimi will focus better.



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