Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Doting Hubby & Bento Tools

My hubby is someone we would call 'wood'.  He is the strong, silent type.  He don't really talk much and mostly his actions speak more.

Over the years that he has been flying, he never once complained whenever I ask him to buy something for me.  Big things, small things, personal things.  The things I've asked him, you would never believe it!  Many many years ago, I only prefered a certain washing detergent from the UK.  So, my poor hb would lug them back in boxes for me.  I've long grown out of that brand.

Many times, he has to walk, hike and hunt for my stuff but he never complains.  He just do it.  Yes, just like NIKE - Just Do it.  If he can't find it in 1 place, he would try in another.  Yes, that was what happened when he couldn't find my FitFlops during his last trip - he had to scour a few places.

It didn't occur to me that it was anything usual until a very close friend pointed this out to me.  She revealed not many would do the same.  Well, I would do the same too for hb or good friends. :)  Perhaps that's why we are married - we are of the same kind. :) 

This time, I gave him a list and made him take the MTR to New Territories, walk the industrial roads to find my bento tools and here are my latest loot!! 
I've been eyeing this mini sandwich sealer for so long but have been putting it off as it was rather costly.  But, it is more affordable at this shop so I jumped right in! No regrets!! Picks and mini cutters
Kimi chose the Anpanman bento box, Frog sandwich cutter and imprint, tulip sausage cutter and rice moulds.  See the elephant in yellow? Kimi loves elephant and I thought it was easier to use a mould to get an elephant shape than to mould by hand

Having said all these, I still find it hard to give up and I simply love to use Fairy dishwashing detergent and I am into my last bottle. So hon, next trip to London, you know what to do ya? :)  Thank you Papa for buying all these stuff for me over the years!


Sonoma Bento said...

Ha ha! I love this post, what a good hubby you have. And look at all of the fun new bento loot! Have fun making new cute bentos!

tona-mama said...

Sonoma Bento - Haha! Tk u! Yes, not too bad a catch. :)

Rozi said...

Wow, all the way to UK to get Fairy, heheh, what a great husband! Just to let you know if you or him happen to be stopping in Brunei, stop by SupaSave supermarkets, they stock UK brands, lots of Waitrose products mostly.

Currently working my way backwards on your blog looking for inspirations how mommies pack for their under five, as my toddler will start pre kindy next year and am practicing making bentos now in the run up. I can't wait, bought lots of gears already, and a pocket sandwich maker is next on my list :)


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