Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I need to jump on my trampoline!

Well, that's what Kimi tells us these days.  Or he will say, I need more exercise so I need to jump on my trampoline now!

We just bought a trampoline for Kimi and left it in the hall (yes, my place not only looks like a nursery, it is also looking like a gym now!) so that he has full access to it anytime.

The benefits for trampolining are plenty and therapists are now using it as a tool for ADHD and other learning disorders children.  It helps to promote better gross motor skills and has the capability to calm them down.  Not that Kimi has ADHD, however, he is like an Energizer bunny so it is a good idea to have a trampoline for him to expend his energy.

The trampoline was delivered on Tuesday, 10/8/10 and so far he has been jumping on it and loves it! After a few jumps, Kimi has came up with his own jump moves - counting from 1-20 while punching in the air alternating his hands. 

And he has also tried the jump in the air and doing a split move!  I almost fell off the chair when I first saw this.  Now although I know it is safe cos he knows how to do it but the thing is, he is trying to jump higher.  So, I have to repeatedly remind him of the rules for safe trampolining. :) 

Since this is originally for adults, the hb has jumped on it and I can use it too.  There is a sale on this now at only S$145 from Aibi.  So far so good, everyone seems to be enjoying it so it is a great buy.  Thanks Charmaine for the great recommendation! :)



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