Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bento #64 - Not Exactly Green Frogs

Broccoli mixed with rice and shaped into balls for frogs, turkey ham & nori for facial cut-outs, steamed egg with minced pork, baby corn and steamed fish with soya sauce

I really miss my hob.  You'd only realise how much you rely on using fire to cook when you lose it.  So, it is still simple meals.  Guess, it is healthier? Cos everything is steamed. :)

As I was making a simple dinner tonight, I thought I could spare some time to make a froggy themed bento for Kimi.  This is relatively quick and easy to do.  Just shape rice and attach cut-outs, arrange and we are done.  Kimi was very happy to see the froggies as he is currently into frogs.

I had wanted to use the green Furikake to tint the rice but realised that I didn't have any left.  So, I snip off the green florets of the broccoli and mixed it with hot rice.  It's surprisingly tasty and I think it's another good way to hide vegetables if your kids don't like broccoli.

These days I enjoy buying live fish from Sheng Siong supermarket as it is so cheap.  Imagine S$7.90 for a live seabass?  We love having steamed fish and I will make steamed fish every time hb is home.  Kimi is just like papa and loves fish, especially steamed whole fish.  He can eat 1 whole side of a fish on his own. :)

Oops, just realised that my placemat is so crumpled! Haha! Must iron next time *blush* !


Anonymous said...

yeah! i can submit comments again! cute froggies. i love steamed foods, all cook together at once, less stuff for washing too! ;)

Angeleyes said...

Those froggies are so adorable! Good job mama!

Yea, we always take things for granted and only when we lose it that we realized they are so important to us. Hope you'll get your hob back soon!

tona-mama said...

anna2003 - Great! Wonder what happened that u cant comment? Haha! I love the bit abt less washing! Tired of washing n washing n washing.. i feel like a dishwasher.. lol!

Angeleyes - Tks! Hopefully soon cos my present hob is 3 singles tog so not sure can find 1 that fits the size of the 'hole' once all 3 are removed. Else need to modify the table top.. :(

Lia Chen said...

Cute froggies! I like that you mixed the rice with broccoli and the steamed fish ... very healthy bento for Kimi :)

Susan Yuen said...

So cute! The froggies are perfect! :)

tona-mama said...

Lia - Tks Lia.. all steamed food cos my cooker hob broke down. So more healthy. :)

Susan - Tks!


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