Monday, August 23, 2010

Bento #63 - Caveboys!

 Hearty Beef Stew, coloured cubed rice decorated with fish floss for the hair, nori for facial features, ham and nori for their animal skin clothes, cocktail sausage for their clubs, broccoli and corn

I've not done any bentos for the past week cos I was too busy and too tired.  Since I had a little time today, I made 2 little caveboys that was inpired by the Bento Book which Lia gave to me.

Last week we had the gas-man to check on my cooking hob and he confirmed it was leaking so they disconnected it and I am without any cooking gadget till we buy another replacement.  So, I'm left with making 1 pot meals using either the steamer, rice-cooker, slow cooker or oven.  It's not too bad now that I'm getting used to it. :)

Our 1 pot-meal for dinner today is Beef Stew with rice instead of potatoes.  It's a little cool tonight as it was raining in the afternoon till early evening so it is so wonderful to tuck into steaming hot rice and Beef Stew, yums!

I used tomato ketchup to tint 1 of the caveboys red/orangey and tumeric dissolved in water for the other yellow caveboy.  However, the ketchup didn't make the boy look orangey enough.  Maybe colouring would be better.  Well, next time. :)


Sonoma Bento said...

These are fantastic tono-mama, and I love the bone picks. Very appropriate. Isn't it fun to have a bento book with lots of great ideas for inspiriation? Glad to see you back again. :)

tona-mama said...

Sonoma Bento - Tks! Yes, I love these bone picks! It took me so long to find them. The bento book is so informative! But they are so intricate.. I cant see myself replicating them. :) I don have such deft hands anymore. :(

Anonymous said...

these boys are so cheeky looking! great job. =)

Angeleyes said...

cute cave boys!!!!

tona-mama said...

anna2003 - Tks dear! Kimi asked why 1 so happy and the other so angry? Haha!

Angeleyes - Tks!

Kris said...

Adorable! I love the design and the bone pics are a great addition.


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