Monday, August 23, 2010

Kimi Speaks .... I want a pet

These days, Kimi has been asking for a pet.  He also has been parroting me all the time - action and speech.  I tell you, it can be rather irritating.  The other day when Kimi asked for a pet again, this was what I told him.

Kimi : Mama, can I have a pet?
Me : Pet? We already have a pet.
Kimi : (excitedly) Huh? Where?
Me : Kimi, you go and stand in front of that mirror there. Go. (the large mirror in our hall). 

Kimi stood there and asked me where is the pet.

Me : You! My parrot. Our pet.
Me, hb & Kimi : *Burst out laughing!*

After 10mins and in our bedroom, Kimi came up to me and said.

Kimi : Mama, you have 2 parrots, me and papa!

Me : Lol!



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