Friday, August 06, 2010

Bento #61 - Doggie

Broccoli, crispy fried chicken drum, fragrant pear, corn, doggie onigiri decorated with turkey ham, nori and blueberry for nose, rambutan and blueberry skewer

This is Kimi's first lunch bento as the school is celebrating National Day.  Hence it is combining all 3 sessions into 1 and extending it from 2 hours to 3.  Since he will be in school during lunch hour, I decided to pack lunch for him in case he didn't want the food in school.

Kimi requested for this doggie onigiri (after seeing it at Lia's) and 2 chicken wings.  But I couldn't get any fresh drumlets so gave him 1 drumstick instead.

In the end, when he brought the box home, he had left the onigiri and broccoli untouched cos he said he didn't have enough time to finish.  Sigh, yes, Kimi eats very slow...

The school is having a mini Olympics theme for National Day's celebration.  Will post pix if there are any of Kimi's in another post after the school has put up the images.


Angeleyes said...

Oh... the bear is such a cutie! The food looked so yummilicious too!

I'm not sure if this is a boy's thing, they started to eat very slow once they can self feed... I tell you, I can pull out all my hair waiting for Darrius to finsih his meals!

Sonoma Bento said...

Love the fire engine bento box! And everything in this lunch looks so delicious. Kimi is a lucky kid. :) Have a great weekend Tona-mama!


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