Monday, August 16, 2010


The Cover
So many tips and steps and cute bentos too!

Firstly, I just want to say "THANK YOU, Lia for blessing me with this wonderful book!"

I was screaming with joy literally when a good friend and bento-mama sms me and told me I had won the  book which Lia had organised.  I was shocked for a while and couldn't remember what it was.  Then it hit me! I couldn't believe it!! Me? Winning the book? I've never had such 'luck' with draws and what nots.

I could only say it was, "All Glory to Jesus!".  Cos I remembered as I entered in the give-away, I told Jesus that I really liked that book.  I had never expected that I would be Blessed.  How loving our Abba Father is?  He not only blesses us with big things but listens to our hearts and can't wait to show His love to us.  What a Loving and Mighty God we serve!

We have been looking at the book from cover to cover and Kimi has been telling me he wants this and that.  Really, the designs are so intricate, I'm not sure iff I can replicate it! 

Once again, Thank you Lia for this wonderful book! 



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