Thursday, August 05, 2010

My Playschool. Net

Have you always wanted to do some home-learning with your pre-schooler to build up your bonding with them or just simply to enrich their minds?  And you don't know where to start? 

Last week, Pauline contacted me and asked if she could feature one of my past home-learning post in her site.  I was so thrilled and honoured and never expected that anyone would be keen to read what I do with Kimi since my blog entries are more like a digital diary.  I was also worried if my post would measure up.

Well, if you guys know Pauline and Rachel, they are one of the best in home-learning.  In fact, I was so inspired by Pauline that led me down the home-learning path.  After a while, I came to know Rachel and she too, has some really fabulous ideas in home-learning and parenting.  For me, it is a boon as they are both Christian mummies and that is important to me.  Just like all Christian mums, we want our kids to be well-grounded in God's ways and to have Godly friends.

Back to My Playschool.  This is the brainchild of Pauline and Rachel and the site is breaming with useful home-learning articles, teaching ideas, resources, workshops, other home-learning blogs, etc, etc.  Basically, it is armed with everything you need to know and all the right tools to get you started on your home-learning journey.  Yes, everything is there in that site, unbelievable? Yes!

Home-learning is relatively new in Singapore and at times, resources can be limited and we have to make our own.  Sometimes, we don't even know where to start.  Has that ever happended to you before? Yes?  Now, you know where you can head on to - My Playschool - for the best in home-learning resources and networking! 

By the way, here's my feature .... Learning The Letter D.  You know, when I looked at this past post, I felt so nostalgic - both sad and happy.  Happy that we had so much fun learning and sad that time just flew by like that.  Looking at Kimi then, he was just a little baby!  Goodness! He has grown so MUCH!!!  Oh, how I miss his baby face, stubby fingers and round tummy! :)

Ok, enough.  Quick get to My Playschool now! :)



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