Sunday, May 18, 2008

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden Part 1

First stop today was to get Kimi's bench from Toys 'r' us at Vivo City. I wanted this kind of table for him and not those from IKEA which has separate table and chairs. Why? Cos I know my son too well. He will probably not sit and will be pushing the chairs and table around the whole house. Worst still, climbing on these! Can you just imagine the dangers? Also, they are a tad young to be sitting nicely on these chairs - well, at least not for my little one.

So, what's the best or shall I say 'safest' option? My choice for rowdy toddlers - picnic style bench that comes all in one... at least if he decides to climb, this is safer, sturdier and chances of the chair or table sliding and slipping is zero.

I saw this bench a few days ago and it was on sale at S$79.90! So I made hb go today to pick it up.

Post update : Kimi is starting to enjoy sitting here after a few days of use. He can understand when I tell him to sit at his bench to read, drink or just wait for me there!



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