Sunday, May 18, 2008

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden Part 2

After Vivo, he headed but it was already quite late in the evening but we were happy to just have an hour for Kimi to run and play. We'll come back another time for sure!

Hmm, 1st stop, photosynthesis corner. I don't know wat is that but I really like turning this handle.

Ehh, what is this hole? Why is there a hole in this tree?

Let me take a closer look...

I don't want mummy, it's scary and the plants are poking me! Let's go! Let's go!

Ok, let me try and walk across this log

Hee, this seems FUN!

A few more steps - I can do it

Yay! I did it! With Papa's help of course!

Found this leaf and it's for you mom!

When faced with a intimidating situation, ROAR like a lion to build confidence and to scare them off!

The flowers are lovely but what is that on the ground? Let me check it out

Hey, is this my lucky day or what? This look delicious! Is it Mama Baobei biscuits?

Papa said no pulling the flowers but they looked so nice and soft...hmmph, I never get to do WHAT I want!

Mummy says she likes this lovely flower

Phew, nothing like a good drink!



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