Sunday, May 11, 2008

My 2nd Mother's Day

This Mother's Day is a lonely one for me cos hb is again out of town. I think in the last month or so, he's been home less than 10 days collectively. The word is SIAN!

So, I decided to have a sinful dinner... I wanted to snack so I wanted to have cake, chips, chocolate milk and yogurt! Well, it's my day and I want to just lay back a bit.

I bought a slice of carrot cake from the bakery at The Market Place at Tanglin Mall. I simply do not have the energy to get my fave from Marmalade or Cedele. I just wanted to get one quickly and leave Tanglin Mall as Kimi needs his nap anytime.

When I saw the packaging, I was so frustrated. I would have rejected it if I had not paid. But then, I also wanted my carrot cake. Well, the least they could do was give me a decent cake box. Because at S$5.20 a slice, it is not exactly cheap. They put it in a salad box and let the cake lay on its side! How could they? It did no justification for a slice of cake!

Verdict? The crumb is relatively tender and moist with enough raisins and walnut to boost but frankly, I can't taste the cream cheese topping. I had to clear my palate with water and scrape the cream to taste. It had a very artificial commercial feel and well the frosting was sparingly thin!

So would I return for more? Nay, even if I had a bad case of craving, I would let my craving pass. Fyi, I did not finish the cake. But the chips and chocolate milk were long gone! I just love these chips but they are so hard to get your hands on! After first tasting them last month, I couldn't find it until today at the Market Place. I like it's crispy fluffiness despite being a tad too salty.

Today had been quite an emotional day for me... I don't know why, maybe cos the hb is away. yet again. As I was driving thru the old estate where I used to live as a child (had to drive around as Kimi was napping in the car). I felt so nostalgic, sentimental and even a tad sad especially when I saw the 'shortcut', me and my frens called as kids. Its a linkway that cuts through the estate to the beach and we used it everyday for meetups or chats.

The estate has changed so much! It's no longer the same. My friends were also not staying there anymore. Sadly, we've lost touch too. At that moment, I so so wanted to return to the time when I was a girl, cycling thru the estate with my friends, catching mud-skippers, chasing chicks or just frolicking on the beach. It was so carefree then and life was so simple. Just the tranquil crashing of waves or swaying of the coconut trees - such peaceful, beautiful afternoons. I doubt I can ever find such indulgences ever again!

Now the estate somehow lost its charms. It felt distant and unfriendly. Back then, everyone knew everyone. It felt so homely.

After a large hump, Kimi stirred and woke. That woke me too. I made my way out of the estate and was grateful that I had a wonderful childhood... guess that's what they call memories.

With that, I hope I can be a good mummy and give Kimi a wonderful childhood. So that he, too, can have lovely memories of growing up!

Here's a little something I wrote for all mummies, I believe it echoes many of your thoughts!

Happy Mother's Day!!

Until You Become A Mother
By : Tona-mama

Until you become a mother,
You never knew love.
Those selfless sacrifices for another,
You never knew you are capable.

Until you become a mother,
You never knew pain.
Scraped knees and bruised egos,
You vow to make it all rosy again.

Until you become a mother,
You never knew patience.
A tiny being that wields such power,
You trudge on without grievances.

Until you become a mother,
You never knew happiness.
A silly smile, a thoughtless antic,
You feel you are on top of the universe.

Until you become a mother,
You never knew exhaustion.
Endless days and sleepless nights,
You only wished it could get better.

Until you become a mother,
You never knew multi-tasking.
Baby on the feed, dinner on the stove and a floor to clean,
You wished you had 10 limbs.

Until you become a mother,
You never knew humility.
Cajoling and dancing to a screaming brat,
You just know his well-being is your entirety.

Until you become a mother,
You never knew discipline.
Whether it’s 3 or 5am and your baby needs a cuddle,
You jump up immediately without a struggle.

Until you become a mother,
You never knew separation anxiety.
When your happy tot goes to nursery,
You hoped he was still a baby, worrying endlessly.

Until you become a mother,
You never knew such was life.
How a baby so little,
Can make you love him ever and ever.



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