Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cutting of 8th Tooth

Finally! This long awaited no.8 has broken thru.. why is every tooth taking so long to erupt. I wished Kimi's tooth would come in 2s or 4s so at least he would suffer that 1 time and have 2 or more teeth at one go.

At this rate of 1 miserly tooth each time, he will have to suffer 20 eruptions collectively! My poor baby!


Peach said...

Hihi, I happened to chance into your blog and saw this post... I rather my ger's teeth came out one at a time..I had a bad time when she had 8 teeth at one time :(

Anyway, just to say..Kimi is so cute! And I love his curls! :D

tona-mama said...

Hi Peach, Tks for coming to our blog! Tks! I love his curls too.. he can be quite a handful at times..heehee! Guess all toddlers are like that lah..

Wow!! 8 at 1 time, mus be terrible for your little one and you too!

But, even if it was one was still terrible leh so I'd rather he pain pain 1 time then 20 times..sigh!

Wished I could bear this teething pain for Kimi.

Do you have a blog too? Can share? How old is your girl?

Peach said...

Hihi! I forgot to bookmark your blog address and I was so upset! Finally managed to find and quickly save in my bookmark..hehe :D

Yah, i had a place for me to write or I will go its at .... but i wrote anything that I come across..just need to let it off my chest :p

My ger is 17 mths. She's a Jan baby too :)


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