Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lawns, Lakes & Swans

Today's morning park hop is again, yes again, the Botanic Gardens ... hee hee! Since Mother and son loves running on the lawns there, so why not?

Hey! The pigeons are there! Bye mum, I'm going to catch one for you!

Huff and puff, I'm almost there ...

Let me Breakdance for you mom

Lovely day, wind in hair...ahh, this is life ...

Kimi ecstatic after managing to run down the little slope

Swans again, Kimi never tires of them

Kimi almost wanted to grab the swans by their tails!

But when they got into the water, he changed target to the nearby pigeons

Enjoying a snack with hair sleek back

Multi-tasking - eating and reading! You are no doubt mummy's boy!



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