Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Going Green Over Tea

Excuse the frosting on the doughnut - the girl did not pack it properly. I was a little upset ... but, well it tasted good so it made my day!

Suddenly I had craving for everything Green Tea today. So I bought everything in Green Tea flavour.

I'm not exactly 'crazy' over donuts but I really like Munchy Donuts' as the dough is soft even after a day and their frostings are not just sugar and overly sweet. My first choice is Green Tea, Oreo and then Cinnamon. In fact, I'd prefer those simple donut with sugar dusting.

I like the way they prepare their Green Tea frosting as I can taste the slightly bitter aromatic tea. Unlike others (I shall not name here) which just taste like a sugar overload with colourings and dough that turns hard once it's cooled.

It's yummy time the next few days! Wakakakaka!



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