Monday, May 19, 2008

Of Cakes & Deeds

Since we had been going out 2 days in a roll, the birthday boy decided that he wanted to stay in on his birthday today. So, in we stayed.

Last night, Charmaine & Daric bought a cake for hb, it was so sweet of them, Tks!! But, think hb a bit shy cos before I could even whip out the camera to take a pix, he already cut the cake and we haven't even finishing singing the birthday song!??

Here's part of the cake ...

Coincidentally, today is also Vesak's Day so it is a Public Holiday here. Hb brought Kimi to the pool for a dip as it is soooo hot. And, he also saved a life - a little girl almost drowned and hb managed to scoop her up.

Sometimes, I can't understand how people can get so rapt in their conversations that they forget to watch over a child. This was the big pool and not the wading pool. How can these people be so nonchanlant about water safety especially when the child is not a confident swimmer? At 1+ metres of water, most child under 10 years can't reach the floor safely. Sigh, some people just simply 'bo chap' (can't be bothered).

When hb handed the child to the minder, she did not even realise the gravity of the situation but asked the crying child what had happened. It was even more disgusting that she did not even bat an eyelid or utter a word of thanks to hb ... how predictable. That's our fellow Singaporeans, sadly to say.

Well, doing a good deed on your birthday which happens to be Vesak Day, I'd say, "Papa, well done for being selfless!"

And he reminded me to sign Kimi up for his swim lessons which I had been delaying. So without further delay, Kimi is starting his swim lessons next Tues with Marsden. So exciting!



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