Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tagged - What's in My Fridge!

Clockwise from Top : Organic Miso, My Favourite Yogurt Place Blueberry Yogurt, Sausages from Frankfurt, Wrongly bought flavour dessert (should be chocolate instead of caramel), Delicious Chocolate from Norway, My fave Lotte brand yakult drink from Seoul.

Sorry Cath, finally I completed my tag - funnily, I took the pix immediately when I got tagged but never got round to post it... busy? laziness? too tired to blog these couple of weeks! Sorry, folks!

So, my turn to tag another 5 candidates (But I am putting down more names cos I'm oso a big kaypoh too!!) So, here they are :-

1) Yixin (Claire mummy)
2) Serene (Estelle mummy)
3) Michelle (Carys mummy)
4) Judy (Malcom mummy)
5) Ellena (Reyon mummy)
6) Kim (Des & Bev mummy)
7) Irene (Oswald & Owein mummy)
8) Pei Pei (Trisha mummy)
9) Yu Fei Mummy



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