Sunday, May 25, 2008

Morning Walk @ The Gardens

Had been feeling quite down recently so I told myself I need to snap out of this or it will get worst and Kimi will be affected by my moods too. And I know going out for fresh air and running in the open makes me feel better.

So, I brought Kimi to Children's Garden again, reaching there at 8.30am. We had such a fun time! After abt an hour plus at Children's Gdn, we walked over to Eco Garden where Kimi fed the black swan, ran after the bubbles I was blowing, catching a small dog and well, basically having a blast!

I can walk over this shaky bridge on my own mom, trust me!

I'm an elephant blowing his trumpet

Climbing the stairs to the tree-house on my own!

Hey there, welcome to my garden house

Hi mom!

Taking a short break under the cabana

I love turning these panels cos mummy said it has her favourite fruit, Durians.

Ok, enough of reading this book. Where's my biscuits mom?

The Black Swan at Eco Lake

Oops, Kimi saw it and is running towards it happily

Hello swan

Mom, I want to feed the swan too like that boy! Pass my cheerios pls! Hmm, this swan likes Cheerios too ...

My favourite bubbles ...

Having a drink and rest

Soon, I'll be as tall as this lamp post

Smile for the camera? No way! But I'll give you a cheeky grin

Down to serious business - my biscuits!



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