Monday, May 26, 2008

Really Food From The Sea ... Fresh!

Today Cat brought me to this place where she gets her freshest salmon and scallops. And, Yes! They are simply divine!

Frankly, there was hardly any need of seasoning. I just used black pepper and basil for both and then drizzle a little of this Japanese Broth Sauce and it was ready to be DEVOURED!

I wanted a smoky bbq flavour to the scallop so i seared it in a really hot pan till the edges were slightly burnt and let it rest on an ice-cold lemon slice. SIZZLE!

Same for the salmon, seared till burnt but with a tender centre. The flesh melted in my mouth.

Thanks Cat for such a wonderful recommendation! It made my day. I'm still so hungry.

But the scallops and salmon did not come cheap. 2 pcs of scallops for S$8 and that small pc of salmon was S$9.80! But it's worth every cent! Shared 1 pc with Kimi - sliced thinly and added in his porridge just before serving. He ate it without any protest.

Just for info, this salmon is very fresh and is actually a sashimi cut so it is ok that the centre is pink. If getting those frozen and for cooking ones, pls remember to cook well.



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