Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pasir Ris Park Romp With Estelle

Hey, no wrong ideas ok? It's a healthy play & run in the park with Serene's little girl, Estelle.

Think the kids had quite a good time. Silly me, forgot to bring my camera so these pix are courtesy of Serene.

The park has changed quite a bit with more pockets of play-area for different age groups. Serene has asked this to be a weekly affair, why not?? We shall be back soon I guess?

Is Estelle meditating?

Register? Let me see if I press those buttons, more milk wll come out?

Come, Estelle, let me show you a few driving tips!

Clever Estelle! 1 short lesson and she can drive this fire-truck!

Kimi, checking the coast?

2 Happy & Cheeky kids

All wet with sweat and thirsty

Messy wet hair, mummy says must wipe off and comb

At last I can enjoy my drink in peace!



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