Friday, March 06, 2009

Bento #24 - Dino Lunch

Dino chicken nuggets, tomato ketchup in container, steamed corn and edamame beans

Saw these Dinosaur chicken nuggets and wanted to try them out. Such finger foods are good for me on Fridays where I need to rush,rush.

p/s : the nuggets tasted average only. I don't think I'll buy again when those 2 boxes finishes.


Cuisine Paradise said...

Aiyo.. where u get these cutties.. if u don't say buy ready made de i still thought u make leh.. aiyo.. so cute...... :)

tona-mama said...

These are NTUC. Think make your own beta. I used to make my own, but Fri morning rush for me so I try look out for some ready made things to lighten my load a little la. Kimi oso big already, let him try more food, no need everything oso make lor..

Else, next time he go army still want me home-make..haha! But, hor, if he still wants, I will defintietly make lor!

Mommy Mash said...


yeah, i would also think that the dino nuggets are made by u!! haha...

ntuc sells those?!??! ok, will go check it out at the branch near my place..haha

tona-mama said...

mash-but taste not too good. I find it a tad too salty. Haha! Ya, when Kimi was smaller, I everything hand-made! :)


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