Wednesday, March 18, 2009

School Excursion - Kids Kampong

Today is Kimi's first school excursion and of cos I mus tag along right? I can't let Kimi go alone with the teachers. Nope, period.

It was such a dash for me but with God's grace and paving the way for me, I made it back to school just 4 mins late and they were about to move off. Phew!

Kimi enjoyed the 'longkang fishing' the most. In fact, he enjoyed all the stations. Hmm, it's been a while since I last brought him for such activities. I miss those parks and farms chasing days! Perhaps I should start again?

Now, that Kimi is in school, it gives me a breather but I, too miss those days where I had to plan daily trips and outings. It seemed so stressful then but Kimi enjoyed those as much as I did. Those are indeed precious times with our little ones. How fast they grow! It seems time is so short these days compared to when they had no school!
Strapped in and ready to move off
Look how intently Kimi is paying attention to the guy who was telling them how to 'longkang' fish
Always ready to start IMMEDIATELY!
Trying his hand at it
And try, and try... really not easy even for an adult like me
Had to help Kimi catch a few fishes and this is what I caught only to have Kimi pour everything back in 10mins! But, they still pack some fishes for you to bring home - now am stuck with fishes, anyone wants?
Kimi feeding the ever-ready & hungry kois
Listening intently to the uncle telling them about mice
Here, these were what the uncle was showing
Every child gets to hold on. Kimi was later, so afraid! First time he has some fear!
Ahhhh .... LUNCH!



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