Monday, March 09, 2009

Bento #25 - Froggies Symphony

Pandan Chiffon cake cut into froggy shapes and decorated with cheese & nori, mangosteen & kiwi berries (sweet!)

Kimi was asking for the Pandan Chiffon cake even after dinner last night at "Lao-yee's" (hb's aunty) place.

So, I decided to buy that for him for breakfast instead. Took the opportunity of playing with the green colour to give him a 'brood' of frogs. He squealed with delight this morning when he saw me snapping the pix for this bento.

p/s - I used a bear shaped mould to cut out this froggy and then a bubble tea straw for its eyes, followed by different nori shapes for eyes.

Some readers have asked if I could also show the tools I've used for each bento. Alright, I will try cos definitely no time in the mornings to snap. Will try ya? :)


Mommy Mash said...

WAH!!!so cute!! so inspire to make more bento!! but my bento is without box :P coz most of the time J eat lunch at home...

btw, any suggestions for quick fix for lunch? coz j can't wait too long if he sees me prepare something unusually just like today! :p

what's kiwi berries? can buy from ntuc too? dun mind me asking, thought previously there's a report that not recommended to intro kimi too young?

oh, for the mangosteen, how u get kimi to learn to spit out the seeds har? many qns..

oh, can't wait to get the cutters!! so gan jiong and excited leh!! keke

tona-mama said...

Mash - Tks! Kimi likes it too! :) It's ok lah, actually if you get the right size bento than u know u wont overpack and then waste the food. U can get the lunch boxes fr Daiso oso. Even at home, u can serve them in boxes ah..:)

Maybe u cook when he is in school so u can serve him his meal once he reaches home and need not c u preparing at? Cos I cant cook or go in kitchen when Kimi is home. :(

Kiwiberries are the smooth skinned cousin of kiwi fruits, minus the fuzzt skin and of cos thse are v tiny, bite-sized for tods.

It has been said that under 5 kids may develop allergy but I tested out on Kimi and he has no prob with this frui. In fact, when he was younger and when it was in season, Kimi eats 1 each day!

Mangosteen I serve him those small slices w/o seed. Kimi has a v senstive palate si whenever he feels something, he will just spit out automatically.

Did u get any other cutters today besides those I saw on your blog?

Mommy Mash said...

yeah!! I intend to make simple sandwich bento before fetching him back from sch he won't get to see me and rush me in preparing!! keke

u got the kiwiberries from NTUC too? J ate kiwi when he's younger too..but i got scare by the report and stopped giving him :P

btw, i can't find the dino nuggets at the NTUC from my side..haizz...

no leh, that's the only cutters i i am looking forward to the sets of cutters u got for me..keke..and more advises too!!

oh, actually i didnt go today..i went yday..keke..too gan jiong to start so went to get them from IMM Daiso...

wanted to go Sembawang's but end up don't have time

Cuisine Paradise said...

Oh Gosh!!! I love this!!!! I want a set too... :)

tona-mama said...

Mash - Yes! I got the kiwiberries from NTUC, saw Giant had too! Kiwis are great for everyone! I only give Kimi the golden variety cos not so acidic. These kiwiberries are called power snacks, very tiny, sweet and full of anti-oxidants n vit c.

There were some reports saying tt children under 5 MAY get allergy aft eating kiwi. But, with all foods, we usually exercise caution esp when first intro. Follow the 3 day rule and monitor, if ok means the child has no adverse reaction to the food.

The Dino nuggets are usually at the frozen section...think the brand is Sadia. But I find it not so nice and rather salty so I wouldnt recommend. Think the NTUC brand Fish Fingers are much better, no trans fat some more. Of cos, got time make your own best lah but sometimes, we need these quick cook solutions. We are mothers leh not superwomen! No maid at my disposal too!

Ellena - Tks! You like them? You think Rey will like? Can make for him too! ;)

Cuisine Paradise said...

I already showed him ytd nite and he asked me how come Kimi mummy made u didn't make for me hahahaha......

tona-mama said...

Ellena, alamak! oh-oh! Kids these days really asks us things that we find it v difficult to answer hor? hhahaah! But he is so cute lah! :)


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